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he Beaver Project     

For a limited time, Harlot Clothing Company will donate a portion of the proceeds from web sales of every Harlot Beaver T and Beaver Sock to a well-deserving project: Building Riparian Resilience through Beaver Restoration.

Run by the respected non-profit Seventh Generation Institute, this project uses a natural resource (beaver) to help fight the effects of climate change.  here it is in a nutshell:

In response to climate change and other factors, riparian ecosystems are dwindling around the world and especially in New Mexico where Harlot is based. (Not feeling brainy?  A riparian ecosystem is an ecosystem around or next to water areas that support unique vegetation and animal communities as a result of the influence of water.) 

Beaver have been shown to be very effective at supporting these ecosystems by doing what beaver do best - building beaver dams.  Beaver dams slow water flow and extend it over time, creating less erosion and better sustained wet areas for fauna and wildlife.

There are many "nuisance beaver" in New Mexico and other areas.  These beaver have made their homes on private lands where the landowners are not exactly welcoming. The current solution has been to destroy a majority of these beavers.  This project hopes to provide a better solution.  By relocating these "nuisance beaver" to select areas where riparian ecosystems are in danger, it's a win/win/win situation for the beaver, the environment, and the landowners.  Simple, right?  Take a "bad" beaver and make it a "good" beaver!  Read the full scoop about this great project here.

(And for those of you with your mind in the gutter, we are 100% seriously talking about beaver.  Castor canadensis, the large water-dwelling rodents, the ones with the big teeth and flat tails pictured to the left.)


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