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What people are saying about Harlot.        

"Thanks for creating such awesome gear!!  The comfort and fit has improved my performance in the saddle exponentially.  As women we come in all shapes in sizes.  Harlot has given me the confidence to be my SEXY,SAUCY,SALTY self again.  Can't wait to come up with an excuse to buy more gear and of course see future products!!"                                       ...Kelly in Colorado                   

"I received the (Scarlet-X) knickers today.  THEY ARE PERFECT & I LOVE THEM!!  Make more!  More styles, more colors!  I love them!"                 ...Marlo in Colorado

Review of our Houlihan Short:
"I tested the strength and durability of the shorts.  I took a pretty good digger with them on and landed in a gnarly rocky patch, then didn't even snag, and they stayed put so my legs didn't get eaten up too bad.  Those shorts rock!  ;o ) "      ...Addie Lepper, downhill racer

"There was no chafing, pulling, catching, digging or gouging for either of us.  I can't stress enough how comfortable this gear is, and I truly LOVE the styling.
Cheers and thumbs up for Harlot.  They have designed gear that is comfortable, fashionable, and protects all the right places."                        reviewers for PedalPushersOnline

"I'm telling all my friends about Harlotwear.  I'm not sure what's cooler, your clothes or your service."
                            ...Michelle in Colorado

"Your shorts absolutely ROCK!!!.Keep making more great product for us dirt-loving gals. "
                                 ...Kathleen in Phoenix

"Just wanted to say that I LOVE your stuff!  I am a triathlete and your clothing works for that sport too!  Swim on, Bike on, Run on!"                          ...Susan in Colorado

"Wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I'm liking the men's shorts. Very well thought out, lots of attention to details. The stretch material in the legs and pockets, off-set snaps, fabric on the interior of the waistband: all great features. I've been using them a lot lately for my dirt commute, keeps me from scaring my fellow employees with visions of lycra!"                      ...Joe in Maryland

"Ok. Pure. Sheer. Genious. I got my new gear just before leaving for Mammoth Mountain again. I hate to sound like a broken record or a little giddy girl, but I just loooove the new Habit short. It IS sooooo comfortable. My boyfriend had to pry them off of me (ok, no, not THAT way) because I rode them riding, then out to eat.hehe. Oh, that and the Gravity Jersey. Genious. That is now my fav riding combo. Only now I have to get rid of all my pre-Harlot gear Ebay? Hehe."             ...Tatiana in California

"My Scarlet Knickers are the most worn item in my wardrobe.  Period.  I wear them to ski in (with wool socks), to jog in, and of course, to ride in town and down the mountain." 
                                     ...Elicia in Oregon

"I just wanted to say thank you for carrying such a great product. I'm 5'3 and 105 pounds and I can't tell you how many mtb shorts I've tried on mostly from online retailers since I can't find any to fit me at the local stores. Everyone told me to try boys shorts but I knew there had to be a short to fit me! Someone from a local mtb website, So Cal Trailriders (STR) recommended Harlot to me after my lamenting and I have to say I'm definitely pleased with my purchase. Not only did all 3 pairs (Carmen-X Short, Scarlet Knicker & the Loretta Short) fit perfectly but the Carmen-X short survived my first crash down a local fire road trail at speed and didn't even snag one thread. They still look brand new! I'm so happy with your product that I'm placing another order and have recommended your site to a friend who's already placed her order. I have to say, I love the logo. What better way to show your love for a male dominated sport by sporting a Harlot logo on your butt?? I love it!
Keep up the good work and I look forward to future products.
Happy riding!"                                ...Nathalie in California

"My Harlotwear arrived today and I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am.  Everything fits perfectly, feels super-comfortable and looks amazing!  I've only just started mountain biking and feeling good in my new gear is going to be a great motivator to get out on the trails!   I'll definitely be buying more - love the cute socks and accessories - and I'll be recommending you to anyone who'll listen.  Oh - I forgot - great service too!"                                 ..Luisa in BC

"I love love love the scarlet X longshorts I have. That chamois is the best system.  I don’t think I can go back to my baggie diapers. ;)"                       ...Patty in San Francisco

"...your clothes are the best.  They fit great and are comfortable and look good.  I bought the black shorts and the camouflage shorts and the wool-blend shirt and I feel so cool, even though I'll be forty in a couple of weeks.  Even my son who is almost 13 and actually rides with me, thinks I'm a pretty cool mom.  Thanks for finally making a good line of women MB clothing!"                     ...Lisa in Vermont

"I am not an itty-bitty girl, and have always found it tough to find cycling clothing cut to fit me well and still be flattering. Then I found you guys and just wanted to say thanks."       ...Shay in Texas

"I just ordered your Houlihan and Carmen shorts.  They are great!  Good quality and Made in the USA.  I am very happy.   FYI, I posted my positive review of your website in a women's forum on MTBReview.com.  The are lots of women looking for your products but settling for men's clothing.   I will continue singing your praises to anyone who will listen.   Thanks again!  "                    ---Noemi in Maryland

"I just wanted to say thanks for being a company that makes clothing for real women to wear on the trails, that doesn't have flowers, and bright pink, and other "girlie" stuff on it.  Your clothes are rad!Oh, and the story of Harlot's name is rad too.  So, I just wanted to say thanks, from a real girl, who's a real rider, that wants to look good on the trails, but not like a little girlie girl! :)"           ...Reanne

"I love your products, and people at work look at me and ask when they see the red "harlot" embroidered on my shorts, and then I get to tell them about women and bicycling and how it all began." 
                                                                               ...Rosemarie in California

"Got the shorts and did my first ride wearing them on Saturday -they were incredibly comfortable and lightweight!  Love the fit. Can't believe I wanted 2 years to order them!"  ...Gigi in Illinois            

"Just have to say I love your product.  I always tell people that I have bad luck with biking shorts and I ordered a pair of yours with a very different, yet genius chamois system.  No diaper feeling and still super cute shorts!  Thanks. it has taken me years to find these shorts!"   ...Meredith in Colorado

"I just received my carmen x-shorts. I had to write and say thank you for designing such awesome shorts! I have been searching for a pair that didn't dig into my thighs with elastic. These are so comfortable. I actually would sometimes decline to go biking with my husband because my shorts made me so uncomfortable. Now I am excited to go ride! They make me feel hot rather than like I'm wearing a diaper and have fat thighs. (And I don't have fat thighs but bad shorts can make you feel like you do.) I didn't think this option was out there and I am so glad I found your company."       ...Erin in South Carolina


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